Social Responsibility

Infinity understand that for a small percentage of players, gaming can become the main focus in their life leading to numerous problems.  Whilst an overwhelming majority of people play within their means, for some, gaming can become compulsive and an addiction that spirals out of control.  Players that lose control over their gaming risk not only their financial situation; it can also affect their families with adverse consequences.

Infinity recognises that problem gambling is a very real, legitimate society issue that can affect anyone of any age, income, gender or race, at any time. Infinity on a stand alone basis and with its white label/ platform partners will take appropriate steps to prevent facets of gaming that negatively affect its communities including compulsive and underage gambling and provide the most secure technology that maintains the integrity of gaming while still offering the most authentic player experience.

To further meet with the corporate responsibility of preventing problem gambling, Infinity’s systems incorporate the facility for administrators to enforce or a player can choose from one or a combination of gambling limits. Changing a limit can be achieved by the player submitting an appropriate request. Such change will only become active after 24 hours.

Infinity will also promote responsible gambling to their customers and the public at large and will strive to collaborate with those agencies and programs devoted to researching, educating, preventing and treating problem gambling.

Infinity will also engage with fully trained experts for on-going employee training and insight into the realities of problem or pathological gambling to assist with the provision of help line services and personal advice services.

Infinity’s own gaming operation, Midaur provides links on all its website pages to:

Infinity is committed to improving the quality of life of the communities in which it operates and will strive to support a variety of deserving charitable organizations which are dedicated to promoting diversity, protecting the environment, and supporting responsible gambling.

As a gaming company Infinity bears a high social and socio-political responsibility that it thoroughly accepts and embraces. Infinity will integrate this philosophy into their corporate culture and as far as funding permits, will be actively engaged in arts, cultural, sports and social activities.