Affiliate Platform

IGS Partners is the stand alone brand name of Infinity’s sophisticated Affiliate Platform which is made available to Infinity’s partners who wish to utilise the affiliate route to market, or as a service to 3rd party gaming operators that require assistance with player traffic flow.

The bespoke functionality of IGS Partners’ affiliate platform has been integrated with the award winning Income Access marketing platform resulting in a system which provides many benefits to Infinity’s partners/ 3rd party contractors:

  • Ensures operators get the most out of their traffic from higher conversion rates and retention ratios
  • A proven safe & secure platform
  • An established, market leading end to end tracking system
  • Platform includes custom commission schemes and exclusive bonus and rewards arrangements
  • Custom creatives are available from IGS Partners’ expert team
  • The technology enables:
    – accurate reporting of an operator’s KPIs and metrics
    – detailed statistics on the performance of campaigns, markets, and products
  • The platform charging model is aligned with the operator’s campaign performance
  • IGS Partners’ account experts provide comprehensive and objective advice about campaigns specifically tailored to an operator’s requirements.

The IGS Partners Affiliate Platform is attractive to Affiliates as it includes:

  • Proven, top-tier marketing and player conversion tools
  • Gaming content is continuously updated with the best content from mainstream and independent game suppliers.
  • Three different commission structures:
    – revenue share
    – CPA
    – hybrid
  • The Revenue Share model provides tiered percentage based revenue streams on referred players with lifetime commission rates starting at 25% and increasing to 45% !
  • The CPA model pays a flat rate for every player referred directly via the Affiliate’s campaigns with higher CPA rates paid as referral rates increase.
  • The hybrid model is a combination of the CPA and revenue share models.  IGS Partners’ hybrid deals are totally flexible and are negotiated on a case by case basis.